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Ahti Kaskpeit

Ahti Kaskpeit

CEO and Project Manager

Ahti has been involved in media creation for more than twenty years. He knows how audio engineering and video editing works. In addition to audiovisual media, Ahti has been in media research and analysing company Meedius for more than a decade. At every step of his career, his main goal has been to bring maximum value to clients. This is also his aim at Marathon Studios.
Marko Oolo

Marko Oolo

Studio manager

Marko has a background in civil engineering, product management at TransferWise and investing privately as well as in a venture capital fund named Superangel. However, all of these different areas have something in common – creating value for people. That’s why he is passionate about helping people create quality content at Marathon Studios.

Why do we run Marathon Studios?

We run our own podcasts and are constantly helping others create quality content. We love what we do.

Marathon Studios grew out of this passion. We wish to help more people and businesses set up their own podcast or build a channel of rich and valuable content to their audience.

Marathon Studios is a studio and at the same time a platform for content creators to work together, share ideas and create value.

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What We Believe In


Quality Content

The quality of the content is our top priority. We believe in creating valuable content coupled with top technical production and end result.



Doing something well for one time may be luck. Doing something well for a long period of time – we call it a success.



To stand out from the crowd you need to be creative. We look for different angles on how to create engaging content which surprises.



Our focus is not on activities but rather results. We are constantly improving and iterating to get the best results.

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